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Fish Recreations;bespoke fish replicas by John Edwards,handmade in outstanding realistic detail to last a lifetime. Perfect for catch and release enthusiasts. Unique objects of art for homes or businesses. Worldwide species list to choose from.

Notes on ordering

Please read these notes before ordering , you can tel me on 07930586100 to see if I have the species you are wanting, UK "course" species are in fairly short supply.  

For ordering a replica from a Catch and Release fish         

Take as many digital images of the fish as soon as possible after capture , from every angle, whole body shots then close ups of the eyes would be very helpful. Also pick out any distinguishing features.Try and get the fish in good light, if not then use the flash if necessary. Measure the fish from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail, also, if possible measure the body around just behind the pectoral fins, you can also weigh the fish if you prefer, but these two latter steps are not essential. Before releasing the fish, try and check the photographs on the camera to see if they are OK, if in doubt take some more ! These procedures should not take long and the fish can be kept wet or indeed even partially in the water during the process.  and then safely be released. 


If you are wanting a "custom" replica done from an actual fish,  please refer to notes below for keeping your fish.

If ordering a Traditional skin mount, or a "custom" replica from a recently caught fish, or indeed a fish found dead. Determine whether the fish is reasonably fresh, I can "save" a fish up to a point, even if the fins are badly deterioted, if the body seems in good condition and not smelling too badly ! then chances are it will be suitable for a replica to be made .

Take as many digital images of the fish as soon as possible, from every angle, close ups of the eyes would be very helpful. Try and get the fish in good light, if not then use the flash if necessary.If possible place the fish in a thick polythene bag , then keep the bagged fish in cold iced water or indeed in ice ,especially if you have a long journey home. But do not keep the fish in water. When home wash place in a secure thick polythene bag and lay flat on a board, then place whole thing into the freezer. If you have not much freezer room you may have to omit the board.

Contact me on 07930586100 for details of postage or personal collection or mail me at [email protected]

(I am always looking for dead specimens in reasonable condition, any fish found dead may be suitable)


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  • "John made me an excellent quality roach in a Victorian style glass case. This is my four coarse fish commission now and the standard is always extremely high. Very much museum..."
    Colin Rogers
  • "Thank you for the life-like representation of my Avon salmon. It looks perfect from every angle and the colour and graining of the mounting board enhances colour of the fish and..."
    Dr stephen Hutchenson