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You can contact me by email 


tel mobile 07930586100 


 All of my works are priced individually, this provides the best option for both customers and myself. It gives a fair pricing structure as some fish species require much more work than others, heavily spotted fish for instance or fish with odd features . As a very rough starter guide pricing generally starts at about £29 per inch and upwards.  I ALWAYS try to be fair, as any of my past customers will vouch for. 

I pride myself in offering the finest quality work and am confident my replicas are equal to some of the best available anywhere. To achieve this I never rush my work and time/money factors are less important than achieving the finished piece to a high standard.

I will always  give the best price on each individual commission.

I aim to give high quality work at a fair price.

Most big game fish species are available.

I can ship worldwide. Please contact me for details.

Prices for wall plaques, bases, glass cases etc will vary, and I shall try to accommodate any preferences the customer has. Wall plaques, bases or display furnishings are priced accordingly. 

Glass cases will be priced based upon size.Please telephone for details as glass prices can vary almost daily from the supplier.

A 50% deposit will be required for all orders. (this can be negotiated for large orders or orders where I am molding from your own fish)

Payment must be made in full before finished item is released.

Unfortunately I can not fully guarantee any of my works due to the multitude of different scenarios that they can be subject too once they leave me, however,  I can and will do my utmost to correct any problems that may arise from faulty workmanship or materials.

Thank you