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What I can do for you

What I can do for you

Here at Fish Recreations you can have your catch of a lifetime "caught" in incredible life like detail in an beautiful hand made replica, even though your fish was returned safely to the water.

This is a modern alternative to Traditional fish Taxidermy methods and ideal for catch and release

If you choose to release your fish then all I need from you are a few measurements (ideally), and/or one or two photographs of your prize catch to enable me to match your fishes colouration and size exactly.If you choose to keep the fish, then please read this then get in touch.

Please take a look through my Albums for examples of my work

Why not ring or e-mail today for a quote ? 

John 07930586100

Each commission is done as if it were my own, they are completely hand made and painted, and some works can take many months to complete. Time is not taken into consideration with this type of art work.

(detail of a Chum salmon eye )

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Museums, educational facilities or retail establishments can benefit from a "commercial" grade service for realistic displays, plus discounts for large quantities or specimens.

A great "trophy" or prize for fishing clubs etc, 

I now also offer over  300 hundred reptile and amphibian replicas, all in outstanding life like detail.

Telephone 07930586100 now for details.

Most of my replicas can be displayed as ornaments in your home without fear of any deterioration associated with old fashioned traditional fish mounts even if uncovered by the traditional glass case.
I can also cater for those wanting custom * Traditional** taxidermy fish.
(please ask as some habitat bases may not be suitable)
Tel 07930586100 

 * custom mounts are molded from the dead fish, and the fish is rendered unfit to eat.

 * * Traditional mounts , The actual fish skin is used but with some species an artificial head and some fins must be used, these measures are taken to prevent any future grease bleed coming from the original head etc, all salmonid species are prone to be very greasy

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